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Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards Reviews

July 24, 2017

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 10’4″

If you want an excellent stand up paddle board that feels as strong as an epoxy board but also allows you to quickly deflate and store it away, look no further. The Tower Adventurer 2 that measures 10'4” long is among the best models available, with a sturdy construction and great performance on the water.
June 14, 2017

XTERRA 10′ Inflatable Paddle Board

Paddleboarding is one of the best ways to have a great time on the water. Furthermore, it is also one of the bets ways to look and feel excellent. In order to learn this sport with ease, and in order to feel safe at all times, is highly recommended to go for a high-quality paddle board, and the XTERRA 10' inflatable paddle board is surely one of the best choices you could make.
June 4, 2017

Tower Adventurer 9’10”

Stand up paddle boarding is increasing in popularity due to the fact that it's tons of fun, and it can be practiced by people of all ages in safety. If you're searching for a great inflatable stand-up paddle board, read our review to find out everything there is to know about the Tower Adventurer 9'10" model.
May 5, 2017

Atoll 11’0″ Paddle Board

There are many stand up paddling boards available for purchase but only few match the quality and versatility of the Atoll 11' Cruiser Deluxe. Details like the quality material, the multiple accessories, and the smooth maneuvering on any type of water make it an excellent choice for any surfer regardless how many hours of practice they have.
April 18, 2017

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable

The Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet is one of the best board available in the current market, today. It comes with all the features you need and it has a versatile design that will allow you to paddle in any type of water. Plus, it is quite affordable and will definitely satisfy all your needs.
September 17, 2016

ISLE Airtech 10′

No doubt about it, the ISLE Airtech 10' stand up paddle board is an excellent unit that can be adapted to many paddling styles. It offers great stability that promotes it for recreational paddling rather than speed so you can take it with you on vacation. You won't have to worry about transportation because it is portable and he price is so affordable that you will love it even more.